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1 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5156)
2  D’aubigny, William 3rd Earl of Arundel (I19214)
3  Burghersh, Bartholomew De 1st Baron Burghersh (I6947)
4  Le Blanc Smith, Clive (I3238)
5  Place, Emilia (I12496)

Gascoyne, Margaret (I2556)
From 9 September 1869, her married name became Heathcote.
Children of Lucy Edith Wrottesley and Charles Gilbert Heathcote

Mabel Frances Heathcote2 d. 9 Jan 1955
Walter John Heathcote2 b. 23 Sep 1870, d. 15 Nov 1936
Isabel Lucy Heathcote+2 b. May 1872, d. 27 Nov 1961

[S37] BP2003 volume 2, page 1860. See link for full details for this source. Hereinafter cited as. [S37]
[S37] BP2003. [S37] 
Wrottesley, Lucy Edith (I4937)
Philip Howard, the son of Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk, and Lady Mary Fitzalan, was born on 28 June 1557 and baptised a few days later with a pomp and circumstance rarely the lot of a commoner. Queen Mary was present and Philip of Spain was his godfather. But his mother did not recover from the birth and died shortly afterwards.

At the age of twelve Philip was betrothed to Anne Dacre, the eldest daughter of his deceased stepmother, and two years later they were married. By this time his father was in the Tower and, in 1572, executed. After his father's beheading and attainder, he lost the title of Earl of Surrey.

In 1572 he went to Cambridge and spent two years there, receiving the degree of MA. At the age of eighteen he went to Court where he fell for 'the allurements of corrupted immodest young women wherewith the Court in those days did much abound'. With this came the ill-treatment of his wife, whom he more or less abandoned. When his maternal grandfather died in 1580, he inherited the title of Earl of Arundel and the increase of his responsibilities may have been the reason which sobered him.

He became a practising Catholic, but at first kept his conversion secret. However, his wife, his favourite sister, an aunt and an uncle had preceded him. Aware of the dangers, he resolved to escape from the country and live quietly abroad. He sent his secretary, John Momford, to Hull to enquire about engaging a ship for Flanders. However, before Momford could get a passage, he was arrested and brought back to London.

Queen Elizabeth then invited herself to Arundel House where Philip provided a sumptuous banquet, at the end of which the Queen declared her satisfaction, 'gave him many thanks for her entertainment there and informed him that he was imprisoned in his own house'. The next day he was interrogated by the Privy Council on the matter of his religious beliefs.

After he was released, he tried again to leave for the continent but was betrayed by Walsingham's agents. Boarding a ship which was intercepted, he was committed to the Tower. On 15 May 1586 he was called to the Star Chamber and arraigned on three specific points: that he had attempted to leave the realm without licence of the Queen, that he had been reconciled to the Church of Rome, that he was plotting with foreign powers in order to be restored as Duke of Norfolk. The latter accusation was dropped as there was no evidence but he did not deny the first two charges, neither of which were treason. He was fined £10,000 and imprisoned during the 'Queen's pleasure', which turned out to be a life sentence.

Aged thirty-eight he died of dysentery in 1595, a prisoner of conscience, having lost everything: his titles, his estates, his houses, all his worldly possessions; having never seen his son and having been forcibly separated from his wife for over ten years. 
Howard, Philip Earl of Surrey (I18951)
Titulature prince du sang
duc de Montpensier
prince de Dombes
dauphin d'Auvergne
vicomte de Brosse
sire de Beaujeu
Dynastie maison de Montpensier
Naissance 10 juin 1513
Moulins (France)
Décès 23 septembre 1582 (à 69 ans)
Champigny (France)
Père Louis II de Bourbon
Mère Louise de Bourbon
Conjoint Jacqueline de Longwy

Louis III de Bourbon-Vendôme, duc de Montpensier, né le 10 juin 1513 à Moulins et mort le 23 septembre 1582 à Champigny, est un prince du sang français. Il compte parmi les chefs de l'armée royale pendant les guerres de religion et se fait remarquer par son intransigeance religieuse. 
Bourbon, Louis De Duc de Montpensier (I18629)
10 Dhami Tea Estate, Juri, P.O. Sylhet, East Pakistan Moir, John Brown (I548)
11 Lieut-Colonel, 66th Regiment Lascelles, Edmund Lt.-Col. (I10439)
12 "Camplin", Copthorne Road Hart, Ada (I20589)
13 "eliza" or "lillian" willson born 1867 st george hanover square Family F3932
14 "eliza" or "lillian" willson born 1867 st george hanover square Family F3931
15 "The Croft", St Peter's Rd Chambers, Elizabeth (I13562)
16 'On the 9th inst. at Hillsborough Hall, Fanny Mary, wife of James Dixon. No flowers.' Sheffield Independent, Friday, 10 September 1897 Burton, Fanny Mary (I3560)
17 'Yesterday (Friday) Mr. James Willis Dixon, jun., eldest son of J. Willis Dixon, Esq., of Highfield, attained his majority, ... event was celebrated by a treat to all the work people of Messrs. Dixon & Sons, of Cornish place.’ Sheff Indep, Sat, 17 Sep 1859 Dixon, James Willis (I3557)
18 (Illegitimate son of Sarah Lambert) Lambert, William (I10003)
19 (Served as RICK). Son of Algernon and Bedelia Rikh, of Wargrave, Berkshire; husband of Sandra C. Rikh, of Holloway, London. Rikh, Rhandir Theodore Gavin Capt. (I16830)
20 (The Annual monitor for 1856, or Obituary of the members of the Society of Friends in Great Britain and Ireland, for the year 1855; Volume 14) Sheppard, Elizabeth (I19281)
21 /inv 1375/ ) Hugh, 2nd Earl of Stafford. Served in the wars in France and elsewhere. Stafford, Hugh 2nd Earl of Stafford (I7798)
22 1 Portman Square Bateman-Hanbury, Evelyn Augusta (I15025)
23 1. Edith Louisa Gepp
Born: 1 JUL 1865 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Marr: 1887 - Francis William Gepp
Died: 1958 - Croydon. Surrey 
Gepp, Edith Louisa (I5927)
24 10th Hussars Foster, Peter Frederick Evelyn (I15031)
25 12 Dec 1927 in Genealogisches Handbuch der baltischen Ritterschaften, Behr, Michael John Paul (I4014)
26 12 Nov 1818 • St Peter's Church. Marble tablet, South Aisle: Sacred to the memory of HELEN wife of NATHANIEL MAXEY PATTISON, of this borough, Esq. who died the 6th day of November 1818, in the 55th year of her age. Comberbach, Helen (I2277)
27 13 Ainslie Place Fraser, Alexa (I229)
28 13.3. (gregorian. ?) Graf Von Medem, Peter Georg ( Pertr Iwanowitsch) (I12127)
29 16664 Étienne III, Comte d'Auxonne
+ ... 16 March 1241

m. ... [ca. 1186], div. ... [1197/1200]

16665 Béatrix de Thiern, Comtesse de Chalon-sur-Saône
+ ... 7 Apr. 1227 
Jean Le Sage Comte De Chalon-Sur-Saône Et D'auxonne (I18378)
30 16th Light Dragoons. Killed at the Battle of Waterloo Buchanan, John Phillips (I3368)
31 1727 according to Cambridge Alumni, 1737 according to Find a Grave Cumberland, Richard Rev. (I16490)
32 1841 Census Returns Source Source: S445 (S445)
33 1939 register says year of birth 1899, not 1892. Bagnall, Irene Harriet (I107)
34 1993-2002 White Pages Source Source: S313 (S313)
35 20 Chestnut Walk, Worcester Swetenham, Raymond Charles (I1066)
36 21 Clarendon Road Bell, Edward West (Dingle)(Teagarden) Lt-Col (I544)
37 22 Anlaby Road Fair, Alexander William Major (I8140)
38 23 Rue de la Piponts Handcock, Robert French Lt Colonel (I5078)
39 24 Apr 1926 according to Genealogisches Handbuch der baltischen Ritterschaften Behr, Alexander Brian Patrick George Von (I8433)
40 27 Carrick Rd, Curzon Park, Chester Frost, Robert (I2457)
41 2nd wife Family F2103
42 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F6188
43 35 Great Western Road Dove, Agnese Elizabeth (Tottie) (I3428)
44 3rd marriage Family F803
45 41 Upper Seymour St, Portman Square Richardson, George Swetenham (I1179)
46 4th Baroness Boteler of Wem Ferrers, Robert 2nd Baron Ferrers of Wem (I6700)
47 5 Oct 1685 Nathaniel Maxey of Allhallows, Barking, Lond., Mercht,Bachr, above 32, & Mary Crispe, of Clapham, Surrey, Spr, abt. 20, with consent of her father; alleged by Owen Buckingham, of St. Mildred’s, Bread Street, Lond., Salter, at Clapham or Family F5673
48 54 Lansdowne Street, Hove Rys, Emilia Rosalie (I15682)
49 57 Valliers Wood Rd. Sidcup, Kent Barnett, Arthur James (I12211)
50 577 Doyle Rd, RR #3, Milligan, Marjorie Eleanor (I13375)

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