Swetenham Family History

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Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England


Latitude: 51.899563, Longitude: -2.071159


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baskerville, Mary Ann  Apr 1841Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I25736
2 Boutflower, Peter  3 Sep 1936Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I5333
3 Buchanan, Leicester Maxey  Apr 1853Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I20862
4 Buchanan, Percy Maxey  1855Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I20859
5 Carlyle, Dorothy Hey  Oct 1851Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I8029
6 Eustace, Edward Arthur Rawlins CIE OBE  Oct 1899Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I13160
7 Eustace, Norman DSO Col  27 May 1901Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I13161
8 Gough, Fleming Richard Dansey Aubrey  1855Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3141
9 Gough, Richard  1851Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3148
10 Harding, Edward Gonne  1850Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1563
11 Harding, Jessie T  1850Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1565
12 Harding, William Cotesworth  Abt 1851Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1567
13 Harvey, Edmund Twiss Ford Simpson  8 Feb 1872Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I27179
14 Harvey, Henry George James  13 Mar 1863Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I27174
15 Harvey, Lucy Caroline Simpson  30 Nov 1869Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I27172
16 Harvey, William Simpson  25 May 1868Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I27177
17 Herring, Lillian Mary  Abt 1870Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1465
18 Howell, Elizabeth  1821Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I21857
19 Jackson, John Archer  19 Oct 1929Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I21336
20 Lawrence, Richard Charles Major General  26 Oct 1817Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I26328
21 Luce, Alice Eveline  22 Jan 1873Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I16430
22 Luce, Dora  Mar 1875Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I16435
23 Luce, John Armitage  6 Jun 1876Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I16431
24 Macan, Rev Henry Sneyd Robert  Abt 1831Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I18643
25 Martyn, Alfred Willie  Abt 1871Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2855
26 Martyn, Alice Jessie  Abt 1873Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2856
27 Martyn, Amelia Fanny  Abt 1843Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2853
28 Martyn, George Herbert  Abt 1874Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2857
29 Martyn, Mary Gertrude  Abt 1877Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2858
30 McDowell, Violet Fairfax Carlyle  30 Jul 1879Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I8021
31 Oakleigh-Walker, Ethel Margaret  19 Dec 1918Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I13942
32 Perrins, Charles Grigg  29 Sep 1835Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I23355
33 Perrins, Frances Sarah  2 Jan 1827Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I23369
34 Perrins, James Bishop  16 Jan 1831Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I23354
35 Perrins, John Hill  18 Jun 1836Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I23356
36 Perrins, Mary  27 Mar 1829Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I23358
37 Perrins, Mary Anne  11 Dec 1832Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I23353
38 Philson, Samuel Cowell CIE RAMC Col.  14 Sep 1860Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I24982
39 Raikes, Herbert William Napier  1 Jun 1865Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I28059
40 Shinner, Thirza Sophia Lane  Abt 1859Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I22438
41 Tickell, Charles  1853Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I18702
42 Tickell, Eustace Ashburner  Abt 1850Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I18708
43 Tickell, Fanny Ellen  Abt 1848Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I18707
44 Tickell, John Larkins  Oct 1845Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I18703
45 Wallington, Alice  1853Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I21675
46 Wallington, Elizabeth Marianne  1851Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I21674
47 Wallington, James  1854Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I21676
48 Webster, Henry Binney  18 Nov 1833Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I18722
49 West, Henry  5 Feb 1809Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I15760
50 Willes, Gladys Violet  Apr 1880Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I8165

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alington, Gervase O'Brien  25 Dec 1929Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I19839
2 Andrews, Blanche Ethel  Mar 1972Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I14441
3 Beale, Anthony  25 Oct 1880Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I17373
4 Beckett, William Henry  16 Jun 1929Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1056
5 Boileau, Arthur Cadell Tait RA Lt.-Col.  10 Feb 1925Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I17447
6 Boileau, Isabella Ann  1871Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I17921
7 Boutflower, Peter  20 Sep 1939Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I5333
8 Braithwaite M.A., Rev. Herbert Morris  8 May 1946Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I5225
9 Brett, Richard Rich Wilford Maj 8th Hussars  6 May 1861Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I23128
10 Butler, Olive Harriet Edgeworth  12 Oct 1971Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I24721
11 Cator, Peter John  22 Jan 2006Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I22152
12 Charlewood, Rev. George Sneyd  10 Aug 1920Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I22054
13 Charlewood, Violet Rosamond  Sep 1986Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I22057
14 Child, Isabella Harriot Gascoigne  13 Sep 1928Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I17451
15 Colville, Victor Drake  May 2001Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I24583
16 Colvin, Margaret Sneyd  Mar 1979Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I18720
17 Colvin, Marion Frances  12 Dec 1963Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I26979
18 Culverwell, Frederick Augustus  14 Oct 1958Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I5215
19 Cumberland, William  15 Nov 1831Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I16498
20 Currie, Thomas Charles  6 Dec 1951Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I20895
21 Elvey, Dorothy Maud  11 Aug 1978Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I9822
22 Eustace, Edward MD Colonel  16 Feb 1903Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I13097
23 Farris, Agnes Kate  Jul 2001Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I14438
24 Graham, Joseph  10 Jan 1880Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I18691
25 Green, Eliza Catherine Cotton  14 Jun 1840Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I15633
26 Harvey, George Herbert  10 Mar 1862Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I27178
27 Humphreys, Frances Trevor  10 Mar 1862Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I25621
28 Hunter (Grey), Margaret Dysart  12 Nov 1877Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I27148
29 Huxtable, Adah Marion  30 Apr 1962Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I5216
30 Jelf, John James  19 Oct 1951Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I18239
31 Kirby, Thomas Cox Lt.-Col.  19 Nov 1850Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I15038
32 Martin, John Little  5 Jun 1936Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I20578
33 May, Herbert Richard  21 Jan 2002Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I8370
34 Meredyth, Alice Howard  27 Apr 1956Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I22056
35 Parry, Linda Isabel Gambier  22 Mar 1936Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I6172
36 Parry, Mary Beatrice Gambier  1 Jan 1934Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I6174
37 Perrins, James  16 Jun 1838Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I23370
38 Perrins, Mary  13 Jan 1830Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I23358
39 Quiney, Rebecca  Apr 1901Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I21853
40 Rivett-Carnac, Thomas Stephen  Dec 1990Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I25955
41 Roberts, Bertie Mathew  27 Oct 1894Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I18072
42 Roberts, Laura Charlotte  11 Dec 1922Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I18070
43 Seddon, Harold John  Jun 2000Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I14439
44 Stubbs, Jane  27 Feb 1919Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I16643
45 Sulman, Mary Patricia  2 Jun 2003Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1647
46 Temple, Richard Antony Purbeck  5 Dec 2007Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I25813
47 Thomas, Lewis Henry Lovett  10 Feb 1930Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I25466
48 Tickell, Charles  26 Sep 1936Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I18702
49 Tickell, Edward Arthur  2 Aug 1897Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I18687
50 Tickell, Elsia H  Apr 1910Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I18704

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Howell, Elizabeth  15 1820Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I21857


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Seddon, John Wilfrid  Apr 1969Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I14436


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Boileau, Etienne Henry Tudor Major  1915Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I17402
2 Chichele-Plowden, Charles Terence CIE Lt-Col  1896Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1432
3 Gibbons, Alexander William  1922Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I8196
4 Jacob, William Vesey Fitzgerald  1851Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1705
5 Lang, Arthur Moffatt RE CB Col.  1849Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2934
6 Swetenham, Clement Alfred MC RE Lieut-Col  1919Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I93


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Duke, Amy  Feb 1939Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I4043
2 Duke, Robert William  1891Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I8134
3 Eustace, Dorothea  1901Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I13156
4 Eustace, Edward MD Colonel  1901Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I13097
5 Eustace, Edward Arthur Rawlins CIE OBE  1901Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I13160
6 Eustace, Georgina Emeline  1901Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I13155
7 Eustace, Katherine Sabine  1901Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I13157
8 Eustace, Rowland OBE Brigadier  1901Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I13159
9 Goodhew, Ann  Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I4920
10 Jacob, Henry John Cartwright  1851Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1703
11 Martyn, Alfred Willie  1891Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2855
12 Martyn, Alice Jessie  1891Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2856
13 Martyn, Amelia Fanny  1891Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2853
14 Martyn, Florence Nellie  1891Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2851
15 Martyn, George Herbert  1891Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2857
16 Martyn, Herbert Henry  1891Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2852
17 Martyn, Mary Gertrude  1891Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2858
18 Milligan, Eleanor Maude  1901Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3231
19 Rawlins, Mary Adelaide  1901Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I13158
20 Stubbs, Jane  1891Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I16643
21 Stubbs, Jane G  1891Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I16844
22 Swetenham, Edith Rose  1939Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I278
23 Webb, Ethel Mary  1881Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I15046


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Fox / Lucas  30 Dec 1834Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F15076
2 Horner / Davies  24 Jun 1856Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F2781


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Webb / Kirby  7 May 1862Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F5548