Swetenham Family History

And related families

Chester, Cheshire, England


Latitude: 53.190887, Longitude: -2.890895


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arderne, Joan Jane  1455Chester, Cheshire, England I11697
2 Barnston, Emma  2 May 1833Chester, Cheshire, England I14094
3 Barnston, Roger (Maj)  4 Dec 1826Chester, Cheshire, England I14093
4 Barnston, Roger Harry  29 Sep 1802Chester, Cheshire, England I14036
5 Barnston, Selina  22 Dec 1827Chester, Cheshire, England I14095
6 Beckett, William Eric  20 Oct 1896Chester, Cheshire, England I24845
7 Campbell, Archibald Douglas Pitcairn  Abt 1881Chester, Cheshire, England I15952
8 Comberbach, Charlotte  1765Chester, Cheshire, England I2378
9 Comberbach, Edmund  1761Chester, Cheshire, England I2275
10 Comberbach, Elizabeth Anne  Bef 24 Jul 1766Chester, Cheshire, England I2264
11 Comberbach, Frances  Bef 20 Jul 1753Chester, Cheshire, England I2376
12 Comberbach, George  1760Chester, Cheshire, England I2274
13 Comberbach, Harriet Margaret  1752Chester, Cheshire, England I2273
14 Comberbach, Haughton  Bef 14 Jun 1769Chester, Cheshire, England I2266
15 Comberbach, Helen  6 Oct 1762Chester, Cheshire, England I2277
16 Comberbach, Isabella  1756Chester, Cheshire, England I2272
17 Comberbach, Maria  1763Chester, Cheshire, England I2377
18 Comberbach, Roger Sr.  29 Feb 1719Chester, Cheshire, England I504
19 Cooper, Guy Edward  27 Nov 1891Chester, Cheshire, England I5114
20 Cooper, Helen Mary  19 Mar 1895Chester, Cheshire, England I5111
21 Cunliffe, Mary  1780Chester, Cheshire, England I8709
22 De Balliol, Maud  1070Chester, Cheshire, England I10814
23 Frost, James Garrett  31 Mar 1901Chester, Cheshire, England I4655
24 Frost, Margaret Constance  1886Chester, Cheshire, England I3158
25 Frost, Robert  3 Mar 1826Chester, Cheshire, England I3178
26 Frost, Robert  25 Jul 1892Chester, Cheshire, England I2457
27 Henry, Edward Hamilton  5 Sep 1885Chester, Cheshire, England I15810
28 Jones, Margaret Helen  Abt 1833Chester, Cheshire, England I1680
29 Jones, Wilson MP  3 Jul 1795Chester, Cheshire, England I1676
30 Massie, Barbara Henrietta  1804Chester, Cheshire, England I16480
31 Massie, Cornelia Lee  1806Chester, Cheshire, England I16483
32 Massie, Edward Rev.  15 Dec 1805Chester, Cheshire, England I16479
33 Massie, Eliza Anne  12 Jun 1797Chester, Cheshire, England I16408
34 Massie, Hester Susan Mrs Armitstead  1798Chester, Cheshire, England I16477
35 Massie, John Bevis RN  5 Sep 1809Chester, Cheshire, England I16506
36 Massie, Townshend  30 Jan 1808Chester, Cheshire, England I16505
37 Massie, William Henry Rev.  12 Nov 1806Chester, Cheshire, England I16481
38 Mauleverer, Lady Anne  1639Chester, Cheshire, England I27625
39 Reade, Henry Cecil  29 Aug 1877Chester, Cheshire, England I2984
40 Stewardson, Alice  Bef 1840Chester, Cheshire, England I14887
41 Streete, Alice  Bef 20 May 1662Chester, Cheshire, England I3132
42 Swetenham, Elizabeth  5 Mar 1804Chester, Cheshire, England I352
43 Swetenham, James  10 Aug 1802Chester, Cheshire, England I384
44 Swetenham, Maria  Bef 6 May 1799Chester, Cheshire, England I385
45 Swetenham, Michael Clement  15 Oct 1910Chester, Cheshire, England I938
46 Thackeray, Sarah Jane  1 Aug 1805Chester, Cheshire, England I14092
47 Thackeray, Selina Martha  29 Nov 1806Chester, Cheshire, England I14085
48 Trevor, Emma Susan  20 Mar 1817Chester, Cheshire, England I25606
49 Trevor, Mildred Judith  25 Dec 1798Chester, Cheshire, England I25610
50 Whitley, Emma  10 Jan 1810Chester, Cheshire, England I15206


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Maud de Meschines  6 Jun 1233Chester, Cheshire, England I20261
2 Archer, Henry Metcalf  29 Oct 1777Chester, Cheshire, England I11523
3 Archer, Maria  Bef 27 Feb 1802Chester, Cheshire, England I11526
4 Archer, William Surgeon  12 May 1780Chester, Cheshire, England I382
5 Archer, William Goodhew  Mar 1797Chester, Cheshire, England I5126
6 Bishop, Mary Collis  25 Jul 1933Chester, Cheshire, England I4594
7 Boileau, Solomon  21 Dec 1811Chester, Cheshire, England I17208
8 Brereton, Sir Andrew  1527Chester, Cheshire, England I7007
9 Brereton, William  18 Oct 1456Chester, Cheshire, England I7945
10 Brereton, William de  1425Chester, Cheshire, England I7943
11 Chambres, Philip Henry  31 Aug 1909Chester, Cheshire, England I14780
12 Comberbach, Frances  Bef 11 Nov 1753Chester, Cheshire, England I2376
13 Comberbach, George  Feb 1764Chester, Cheshire, England I2274
14 Comberbach, Roger Sr.  27 Mar 1771Chester, Cheshire, England I504
15 Corbet, Alice  8 Sep 1468Chester, Cheshire, England I7944
16 De La Tremoille, Charlotte  21 Mar 1664Chester, Cheshire, England I18576
17 Ford, John  9 Oct 1807Chester, Cheshire, England I3113
18 Frost, James Garrett  22 Jun 1912Chester, Cheshire, England I3156
19 Hills, Margaret Emilie  Jul 1941Chester, Cheshire, England I3157
20 Holt, Jane of Bridge Hall  1689Chester, Cheshire, England I8865
21 Jones, Wilson Carstairs  Mar 1935Chester, Cheshire, England I2992
22 Legh, Agnes  1478Chester, Cheshire, England I7008
23 Lyon, Alfred Charles  5 Jan 1928Chester, Cheshire, England I1873
24 Massie, William Henry Rev.  5 Jan 1856Chester, Cheshire, England I16481
25 Sneyd-Kynnersley, Anna Catherine Emily  Jun 1922Chester, Cheshire, England I23573
26 Sneyd-Kynnersley, Edmund McKenzie  5 Aug 1933Chester, Cheshire, England I23545
27 Sneyd-Kynnersley, Harriett Victoria  Sep 1936Chester, Cheshire, England I23574
28 Stanley, William 6th Earl of Derby  29 Sep 1642Chester, Cheshire, England I18631
29 Swetenham, Evelyn Cecily  21 Mar 1974Chester, Cheshire, England I935
30 Swetenham, Henry  3 Feb 1928Chester, Cheshire, England I922
31 Swetenham, Maude  20 Jul 1927Chester, Cheshire, England I924
32 Swetenham, Rose Laura  21 Jan 1926Chester, Cheshire, England I1029
33 Tatton-Egerton, Louisa  12 Mar 1888Chester, Cheshire, England I1096
34 Thackeray, William Makepeace (Dr) FRCS  29 Jul 1849Chester, Cheshire, England I14083
35 Townshend, Edward  14 Nov 1811Chester, Cheshire, England I16447
36 Trotter, Jane  24 Nov 1829Chester, Cheshire, England I2141
37 Turner, Anna Maria  27 Jun 1936Chester, Cheshire, England I1081
38 Turner, Bingham Dixon  19 Jan 1941Chester, Cheshire, England I1094
39 Wilson, Elizabeth  8 Sep 1833Chester, Cheshire, England I2995


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Archer, Henry Metcalf  1 Dec 1777Chester, Cheshire, England I11523
2 Archer, Maria  27 Feb 1802Chester, Cheshire, England I11526
3 Archer, William Surgeon  May 1780Chester, Cheshire, England I382
4 Oldfield, Phillip  Chester, Cheshire, England I8177


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Comberbach, Frances  20 Jul 1753Chester, Cheshire, England I2376
2 Comberbach, Harriet Margaret  13 Apr 1752Chester, Cheshire, England I2273
3 Comberbach, Helen  27 Dec 1762Chester, Cheshire, England I2277
4 Comberbach, Roger  19 Nov 1693Chester, Cheshire, England I506
5 Darby, James Lionel D'estern  9 Apr 1916Chester, Cheshire, England I3171
6 Swetenham, Major Edmund  12 Jan 1796Chester, Cheshire, England I53
7 Swetenham, James  20 Nov 1803Chester, Cheshire, England I384
8 Swetenham, Maria  6 May 1799Chester, Cheshire, England I385
9 Swetenham (formerly Comberbach), Roger  20 Nov 1758Chester, Cheshire, England I55


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Swetenham, Elizabeth  5 Mar 1805Chester, Cheshire, England I352


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Comberbach, Roger  19 Sep 1700Chester, Cheshire, England I508
2 Milward, Sir Thomas  1638Chester, Cheshire, England I7817
3 Stewardson, William  Chester, Cheshire, England I14888


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Ordained    Person ID 
1 Massie, Richard Rev.  21 Sep 1794Chester, Cheshire, England I16473


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Comberbach, Roger  18 Jul 1720Chester, Cheshire, England I508


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bircham, Katherine Margaret  1911Chester, Cheshire, England I934
2 Duke, Ellis Mary  1901Chester, Cheshire, England I4044
3 Frost, James Garrett  1891Chester, Cheshire, England I3156
4 Frost, Margaret Constance  1891Chester, Cheshire, England I3158
5 Frost, Maud Hester  1891Chester, Cheshire, England I3159
6 Hills, Margaret Emilie  1891Chester, Cheshire, England I3157
7 McCulloch, Alexander McGowan  1901Chester, Cheshire, England I21015
8 McCulloch, Allan B  1901Chester, Cheshire, England I21020
9 McCulloch, Christina A  1901Chester, Cheshire, England I21018
10 McCulloch, Herbert G  1901Chester, Cheshire, England I21021
11 McCulloch, John Stewart  1901Chester, Cheshire, England I21014
12 McCulloch, Mary N  1901Chester, Cheshire, England I21019
13 Parr, Frances Elizabeth  1901Chester, Cheshire, England I522
14 Parsons, Alice Charlotte  1891Chester, Cheshire, England I4245
15 Parsons, Alice Charlotte  1901Chester, Cheshire, England I4245
16 Parsons, Ethel  1891Chester, Cheshire, England I4244
17 Parsons, Ethel  1901Chester, Cheshire, England I4244
18 Reade, Albert William  1891Chester, Cheshire, England I2981
19 Reade, Alice  1891Chester, Cheshire, England I4243
20 Reade, Alice  1901Chester, Cheshire, England I4243
21 Reade, Arthur Quintin  1891Chester, Cheshire, England I2983
22 Reade, Bessie  1891Chester, Cheshire, England I2986
23 Reade, Frank  1891Chester, Cheshire, England I2985
24 Reade, Henry Cecil  1891Chester, Cheshire, England I2984
25 Reade, Walter  1891Chester, Cheshire, England I2982
26 Smith, Julia  1891Chester, Cheshire, England I2900
27 Stewart, Christina Ferguson  1901Chester, Cheshire, England I21016
28 Swetenham, Dorothy Edith  1911Chester, Cheshire, England I936
29 Swetenham, Evelyn Cecily  1911Chester, Cheshire, England I935
30 Swetenham, Henry  1911Chester, Cheshire, England I922
31 Swetenham, Katharine Maude  1911Chester, Cheshire, England I937
32 Swetenham, Michael Clement  1911Chester, Cheshire, England I938
33 Trevor, Kenneth Rowland Swetenham DSO CBE Brigadier  Chester, Cheshire, England I1655


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   3 Aug 1765Chester, Cheshire, England F3971
2 /   Jul 1893Chester, Cheshire, England F4022
3 Birchall / Parin  23 Oct 1704Chester, Cheshire, England F3849
4 Brereton / Legh  1464Chester, Cheshire, England F2080
5 Clarke / Legh  25 Feb 1692Chester, Cheshire, England F2863
6 Comberbach / Haughton  3 Aug 1765Chester, Cheshire, England F217
7 Fawcus / Frost  1915Chester, Cheshire, England F1434
8 Swetenham (formerly Comberbach) / Archer  11 Jun 1782Chester, Cheshire, England F24