Swetenham Family History

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Chichester, Sussex, England


Latitude: 50.836163, Longitude: -0.775430


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cafe, Georgina Fanny  Sep 1855Chichester, Sussex, England I1418
2 Devenish, Catharine  Abt 1560Chichester, Sussex, England I18608
3 Dollman, Edward  1680Chichester, Sussex, England I41325
4 Dollman, Thomas  26 Mar 1710Chichester, Sussex, England I41323
5 Duke, Charles  26 Dec 1798Chichester, Sussex, England I39002
6 Grant, Gladys Mary Gordon  1886Chichester, Sussex, England I1416
7 Guy, Martha  1778Chichester, Sussex, England I15651
8 Humphrey, Albert  1885Chichester, Sussex, England I7333
9 Humphrey, Elizabeth  Abt 1880Chichester, Sussex, England I7210
10 Humphrey, Harriett  1882Chichester, Sussex, England I7331
11 Humphrey, Hilda  1884Chichester, Sussex, England I7332
12 Humphrey, Mary  Abt 1879Chichester, Sussex, England I7209
13 Humphrey, Nellie  Abt 1876Chichester, Sussex, England I7208
14 Humphrey, Winifred Jane  Apr 1877Chichester, Sussex, England I7203
15 Humphry, Alfred Albert  1831Chichester, Sussex, England I7204
16 Miller, Hannah  Chichester, Sussex, England I25602
17 Miller, Sir John  12 Nov 1665Chichester, Sussex, England I25643
18 Peachey, Margaret  1663Chichester, Sussex, England I25644
19 Pelham, Henrietta Anne  9 Sep 1757Chichester, Sussex, England I35099
20 Pilkington, Charles  25 Feb 1802Chichester, Sussex, England I15658
21 Pilkington, Edward Williams  Abt 1804Chichester, Sussex, England I15674
22 Pilkington, William  27 Nov 1806Chichester, Sussex, England I15772
23 Thompson, Hannah  1635Chichester, Sussex, England I25646
24 Williams, Harriett Elizabeth  Abt 1778Chichester, Sussex, England I15657


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Auchmuty, Charles William  Oct 2003Chichester, Sussex, England I347
2 Bergman, Margaret Alice Le Keux  11 Mar 1936Chichester, Sussex, England I36040
3 Boscawen, Vera Edyth  21 Aug 1968Chichester, Sussex, England I36107
4 Brine, Edith Mary Adelaide  Sep 1946Chichester, Sussex, England I26671
5 Brooke, Mary Isabella  Mar 1922Chichester, Sussex, England I42906
6 Brooke, Mary Isabella  Mar 1922Chichester, Sussex, England I42726
7 Butler, Diana Lucy Georgina  24 Feb 1988Chichester, Sussex, England I23720
8 Cadie, Agnes Marie  21 Sep 1963Chichester, Sussex, England I34983
9 Canner, Elizabeth  Oct 1854Chichester, Sussex, England I11902
10 Clarke, Amelia Helen  Jan 1869Chichester, Sussex, England I12001
11 Combe, Susanna  26 Jun 1788Chichester, Sussex, England I35379
12 Combe, Suzanne  26 Jun 1788Chichester, Sussex, England I35369
13 Corkran, Caroline  21 Feb 1895Chichester, Sussex, England I3602
14 Dalby, James Bartlett  6 Nov 1928Chichester, Sussex, England I41579
15 Dollman, Thomas  14 Dec 1759Chichester, Sussex, England I41323
16 Drinkwater, Ann  4 May 1790Chichester, Sussex, England I41324
17 Duke, Valerie St. George  21 Dec 2003Chichester, Sussex, England I7457
18 Eastwood, Nina Olivia Mary  16 Jun 1976Chichester, Sussex, England I4026
19 Elson, Anne  6 May 1709Chichester, Sussex, England I25647
20 Evans, Ernest Sandford MRCS LRCP  28 Apr 1972Chichester, Sussex, England I2363
21 Fielding, Jean Kathleen Mary  24 Jan 1986Chichester, Sussex, England I231
22 Hume, Henry Trevor  8 Apr 1962Chichester, Sussex, England I8470
23 Humphry, Alfred Albert  Jul 1899Chichester, Sussex, England I7204
24 Jackson, Eric Archer Major  20 Dec 1977Chichester, Sussex, England I20589
25 Lee, Elizabeth  Jan 1906Chichester, Sussex, England I7205
26 Longmore, Peter Maitland MC  22 Apr 1994Chichester, Sussex, England I43272
27 Lyall, Mary Evelina  1 Mar 1948Chichester, Sussex, England I25146
28 Miller, Evelina Catherine  17 Jun 1942Chichester, Sussex, England I25052
29 Miller, Hannah  Mar 1746Chichester, Sussex, England I25602
30 Miller, Sir John 4th Bart  19 Apr 1772Chichester, Sussex, England I35378
31 Miller, Sir John  19 Apr 1772Chichester, Sussex, England I35368
32 Morphy, Noel Benedict  May 1958Chichester, Sussex, England I38209
33 O'Dowd, Bernard F  May 1995Chichester, Sussex, England I31647
34 Pearson, Rev Alleyne Ward MA  17 Nov 1904Chichester, Sussex, England I8472
35 Petre, Madeleine Marie Ethel  4 Jan 2005Chichester, Sussex, England I34988
36 Petre, Mary Katherine Gabrielle  Sep 2005Chichester, Sussex, England I34984
37 Petre, Monica Mary  Jan 1999Chichester, Sussex, England I34990
38 Petre, Robert Charles  3 Aug 1996Chichester, Sussex, England I45169
39 Pilkington, Ann  25 Mar 1846Chichester, Sussex, England I15655
40 Richards, Audrey Isabel  29 Jun 1984Chichester, Sussex, England I23581
41 Richards, Enid Eleanor  9 Jun 1995Chichester, Sussex, England I23582
42 Riley, Florence Elizabeth  11 Oct 1936Chichester, Sussex, England I16861
43 Rusbridger, George Oliver  14 Dec 1995Chichester, Sussex, England I42105
44 Shaw, Margaret Grace  4 Nov 1970Chichester, Sussex, England I34717
45 Staveley, Amy Isabel Mary  7 May 1938Chichester, Sussex, England I33852
46 Stride, Diana  Apr 1997Chichester, Sussex, England I42171
47 Stride, Frederick  17 Sep 1933Chichester, Sussex, England I42172
48 Stride, Peggy  4 Aug 1986Chichester, Sussex, England I42093
49 Swetenham, Dorothy Edith  Apr 1996Chichester, Sussex, England I1041
50 Tennent, Archibald Hay  13 Nov 1946Chichester, Sussex, England I36615

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lennox, Anne Countess of Albermarle  24 Jun 1703Chichester, Sussex, England I32882


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Petre, Robert Charles  3 Aug 1996Chichester, Sussex, England I45169


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Miller, Hannah  Chichester, Sussex, England I25602


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bowman / Kilpatrick  Jan 1958Chichester, Sussex, England F1649
2 Greenway / Stride  Oct 1935Chichester, Sussex, England F15063
3 Rusbridger / Stride  1948Chichester, Sussex, England F15062
4 Stride /   Apr 1948Chichester, Sussex, England F15097