Swetenham Family History

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Colchester, Essex, England


Latitude: 51.883331, Longitude: 0.900000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barna, Alfred I  1844Colchester, Essex, England I45736
2 Barnes, Amelia Hannah  Abt 1842Colchester, Essex, England I23161
3 Barnes, Catherine  Abt 1840Colchester, Essex, England I45742
4 Barnes, Eliza L  Abt 1829Colchester, Essex, England I45737
5 Barnes, George  Abt 1833Colchester, Essex, England I45739
6 Barnes, Mary Ann  Abt 1838Colchester, Essex, England I45741
7 Barnes, Phoebe  Abt 1831Colchester, Essex, England I45738
8 Barnes, William  Abt 1836Colchester, Essex, England I45740
9 Baskett, George William  Jul 1843Colchester, Essex, England I39098
10 Baskett, James Thomas  15 Apr 1840Colchester, Essex, England I39099
11 Baskett, Robert Henry  Jan 1848Colchester, Essex, England I39100
12 Bennett, Sarah Ann  20 Feb 1946Colchester, Essex, England I25527
13 Bentall, William  20 Dec 1737Colchester, Essex, England I23337
14 Boileau, Hugh Evan Ridley  Oct 1906Colchester, Essex, England I17095
15 Boutflower, Charles William Mark  1818Colchester, Essex, England I5095
16 Boutflower, Charlotte Lydia  1817Colchester, Essex, England I5097
17 Boutflower, Rev. Douglas John RN  18 Sep 1826Colchester, Essex, England I5096
18 Clark, William  17 Mar 1821Colchester, Essex, England I3995
19 Harrington, Alice Mary  Jan 1861Colchester, Essex, England I21920
20 Howard, Alfred Wm Hardy  1847Colchester, Essex, England I31223
21 Howard, Frances Elizabeth  1851Colchester, Essex, England I31224
22 Howard, Helen Maria  1858Colchester, Essex, England I31222
23 Howard, Mary Adelaide  Jan 1850Colchester, Essex, England I31219
24 Owen, Rev. Lewis Edward  27 Mar 1843Colchester, Essex, England I7919
25 Pratt, Alice Lewis  Oct 1860Colchester, Essex, England I20311
26 Raynor, William G. C.  Oct 1944Colchester, Essex, England I3262
27 Talcott, Mary  1597Colchester, Essex, England I18904
28 Turner, Cecil Douglas Ernest  Sep 1917Colchester, Essex, England I25923
29 Turner, Ernest Hammond  22 Nov 1881Colchester, Essex, England I25918
30 Turner, Hugh Bentley  Jan 1915Colchester, Essex, England I25922
31 Watts, Mary  1692Colchester, Essex, England I14124
32 Wavell, Archibald Percival 1st Earl Wavell  5 May 1883Colchester, Essex, England I33805
33 Williams, Alfred  Abt 1826Colchester, Essex, England I1472
34 Williams, John Manning  Abt 1814Colchester, Essex, England I1473
35 Williams, Joseph Lionel  6 Jan 1815Colchester, Essex, England I1465
36 Williams, Samuel  23 Feb 1788Colchester, Essex, England I1470
37 Williams nee French, Mary Alice  1848Colchester, Essex, England I42254
38 Wright, Frank  Mar 1865Colchester, Essex, England I39060
39 Wright, Harry  Abt 1871Colchester, Essex, England I39091
40 Wright, Kate  25 Dec 1867Colchester, Essex, England I39077


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baskett, George William  Mar 1916Colchester, Essex, England I39098
2 Baskett, James Thomas  Mar 1928Colchester, Essex, England I39099
3 Baskett, William  Apr 1889Colchester, Essex, England I39095
4 Beaufort, Alfred Edgeworth  29 Jan 1869Colchester, Essex, England I25394
5 Benham Brown, Violet Inez  10 Jan 1968Colchester, Essex, England I25919
6 Bennett, Sarah Ann  1946Colchester, Essex, England I25527
7 Birtwell, Walter Gibson  13 Apr 1955Colchester, Essex, England I4094
8 Butler, Eric Norman  29 May 1967Colchester, Essex, England I23844
9 Colvin, Bazett Wetenhall  6 Jul 1909Colchester, Essex, England I18062
10 Colvin, Ethel Blunt  25 Aug 1938Colchester, Essex, England I18084
11 DeBerdt, John  Aug 1731Colchester, Essex, England I27555
12 DeBerdt, John  Aug 1731Colchester, Essex, England I27923
13 Firman, Patience  Mar 1893Colchester, Essex, England I39096
14 Foljambe, Mary Pauline  Mar 1975Colchester, Essex, England I17798
15 Gavin, Frances Bedelia  1979Colchester, Essex, England I16489
16 Gordon, William 7th Bt of Embo; Ensign in the 19th Foot Reg.; adjutant of W Norfolk Militia;  7 Jan 1804Colchester, Essex, England I34414
17 Graham, Mary Elizabeth  20 May 1916Colchester, Essex, England I18068
18 Harding, Olive Mary  10 Nov 1964Colchester, Essex, England I16452
19 Harvey, Benjamin John  Sep 1986Colchester, Essex, England I38949
20 Hume, Ada Louisa  11 Dec 1916Colchester, Essex, England I8461
21 Hunt, Hilda May Margery  Dec 1997Colchester, Essex, England I20124
22 Langley, John  1671Colchester, Essex, England I18903
23 Macaire, John Francis  Sep 1988Colchester, Essex, England I21783
24 Norman, Elizabeth  1884Colchester, Essex, England I39094
25 Raynor, Cyril Arthur DSO MC Lieut-Col  Jun 1973Colchester, Essex, England I2104
26 Somerset, Georgiana Hester Cornelia Countess  29 Jan 1926Colchester, Essex, England I35806
27 Talcott, Mary  1624Colchester, Essex, England I18904
28 Thursfield, Gerald Arthur Richard  6 Feb 1970Colchester, Essex, England I20480
29 Turner, Ernest Hammond  Sep 1949Colchester, Essex, England I25918
30 Williams, Samuel  19 Sep 1853Colchester, Essex, England I1470


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Boutflower, Mary Ann  21 Dec 1827Colchester, Essex, England I5231


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bainbridge, May  1911Colchester, Essex, England I24432
2 Barrett, Beatrice Lucy  1911Colchester, Essex, England I24434
3 Barrett, Charles Arthur  1911Colchester, Essex, England I24431
4 Barrett, Edith Mary  1911Colchester, Essex, England I24433
5 Baskett, Emma  1871Colchester, Essex, England I39059
6 Baskett, Emma  1901Colchester, Essex, England I39059
7 Maynard, Lorna Marion  1939Colchester, Essex, England I11926
8 Sneyd, Thomas William Maj-Gen  1871Colchester, Essex, England I14858
9 Wright, Frank  1871Colchester, Essex, England I39060
10 Wright, Frederic  1871Colchester, Essex, England I39058
11 Wright, Harry  1871Colchester, Essex, England I39091
12 Wright, Harry  1901Colchester, Essex, England I39091
13 Wright, Kate  1871Colchester, Essex, England I39077


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Archer / Hunt  Apr 1935Colchester, Essex, England F6457
2 Harrison / Howard  5 Oct 1882Colchester, Essex, England F9781
3 Trevor / Baynham  Jan 1941Colchester, Essex, England F592
4 Wilkins / Wright  1892Colchester, Essex, England F12102