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Kensington, London, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Archer, Esther Joy  24 May 1926Kensington, London, England I5152
2 Beadon, George Cecil  31 Jul 1874Kensington, London, England I26597
3 Bertodano, Monica Emily Mary de  17 May 1909Kensington, London, England I15481
4 Booth, Margaret Paulina  26 Jul 1879Kensington, London, England I24907
5 Bowman, Humphrey Ernest  26 Jul 1879Kensington, London, England I3086
6 Cecil, Henry Mitford Amherst  9 Mar 1893Kensington, London, England I4093
7 Charrington, Rosemary  Jan 1914Kensington, London, England I1462
8 Christie-Miller, Charles Wakefield  1877Kensington, London, England I6154
9 Clinton-Baddeley, Cynthia Rosamond  14 Feb 1902Kensington, London, England I9534
10 Duke, Robert Francis Norman  13 Apr 1925Kensington, London, England I24899
11 Faber, Richard Stanley  6 Dec 1924Kensington, London, England I24844
12 Farrer, John Oliver  31 Jan 1894Kensington, London, England I24629
13 Farrer, Sir Walter Leslie  30 Jan 1900Kensington, London, England I24628
14 Fuller, Christopher Herbert Fleetwood  3 Jun 1908Kensington, London, England I17001
15 Harrison, Gwendolen Emily English  23 Nov 1881Kensington, London, England I13367
16 Innes-Ker, Lady Margaret Frances Susan  13 May 1875Kensington, London, England I10029
17 Kindersley, Lionel Nassau  6 Aug 1897Kensington, London, England I17646
18 Kindersley, Margaret Marion  18 Apr 1902Kensington, London, England I17420
19 Knight, Raymond  13 Dec 1864Kensington, London, England I24987
20 Lawrence, Edith Hamilton  1860Kensington, London, England I26311
21 Lawrence, Enid Lilian  20 Jun 1882Kensington, London, England I14148
22 Legard (Nee Arkwright), Julia Helen  21 Jul 1850Kensington, London, England I7117
23 Luce, Arthur John  1 Dec 1867Kensington, London, England I16861
24 Macpherson, Ian  16 Sep 1899Kensington, London, England I24505
25 Morley-Fletcher, David  29 Mar 1910Kensington, London, England I24739
26 Morley-Fletcher, Ursula  1902Kensington, London, England I24738
27 Morris, Olive  22 Apr 1884Kensington, London, England I15816
28 Pearce-Serocold, Dorothy Rose  26 Apr 1879Kensington, London, England I20462
29 Pott, Avril Corbould  19 Apr 1905Kensington, London, England I22697
30 Rhodes, Inga  4 Mar 1894Kensington, London, England I3203
31 Rice, Theodosia Cecil  23 Apr 1921Kensington, London, England I18091
32 Riley, Ernest Alexander  30 Jul 1865Kensington, London, England I17148
33 Ritchie, Hester Helena Makepeace Thackeray  1 Jun 1878Kensington, London, England I24895
34 Rivett-Carnac, Beatrice Hilda Sproule  25 Sep 1876Kensington, London, England I25679
35 Rivett-Carnac, Claud James  21 Dec 1877Kensington, London, England I25680
36 Rivett-Carnac, Muriel Edith Frances  25 Jul 1879Kensington, London, England I25535
37 Robinson, (Sophia) Jennifer Horsley  30 May 1920Kensington, London, England I21716
38 Smythe, Francis Henry Dumville Ven.  2 Jan 1873Kensington, London, England I19619
39 Smythe, William Dumville  23 Sep 1871Kensington, London, England I19621
40 Smythe Macmillan, Leslie Dumville  Mar 1874Kensington, London, England I19620
41 Stephen, Laura Makepeace  7 Dec 1870Kensington, London, England I23598
42 Stephen, Sir Leslie KCB  28 Nov 1832Kensington, London, England I23597
43 Temple, Richard Antony Purbeck  19 Jan 1913Kensington, London, England I25813
44 Thomson, James Merriman Archer  1863Kensington, London, England I21934
45 Trollope, Hugh Charles Napier DSO  17 Feb 1895Kensington, London, England I6532
46 Warre, Dorothy (Dolly) Alice  Mar 1884Kensington, London, England I5398
47 Woodhouse, Cecilia Brenda  1 Dec 1887Kensington, London, England I24598


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Sir Frederick Charles 1st Bt.  27 Sep 1934Kensington, London, England I25367
2 Anson, Mary Maud  22 Sep 1961Kensington, London, England I4741
3 Armstrong, Frank  Sep 1936Kensington, London, England I14370
4 Arundell, Edith Mary Dottina  1920Kensington, London, England I10098
5 Banning, Stephen Thomas  16 Sep 1935Kensington, London, England I15808
6 Beale, Edward Charles  31 Dec 1877Kensington, London, England I14889
7 Bertodano, Monica Emily Mary de  16 Sep 1966Kensington, London, England I15481
8 Biss, Deborah Cauldwell  Mar 1891Kensington, London, England I7366
9 Boileau, Elizabeth Magdalena  5 Sep 1869Kensington, London, England I17333
10 Boyle, Col. Hon. Robert Elphinstone  9 Aug 1924Kensington, London, England I14279
11 Boyle, Lady Elizabeth Magdalene Greame  26 Aug 1925Kensington, London, England I14276
12 Boyle, Lady Helen Jane  18 May 1928Kensington, London, England I14278
13 Bromley Kemp, Verena Patricia Lowther  24 Oct 2018Kensington, London, England I21369
14 Buchanan, Sydney  9 Oct 1957Kensington, London, England I22672
15 Butler, Anne Vaughan  24 Mar 1838Kensington, London, England I24658
16 Butler, Barbara Helen Agnes  7 Dec 1934Kensington, London, England I24702
17 Butler, Guido Wilfred  10 Sep 1956Kensington, London, England I24804
18 Butler, Maud Marion  2 Feb 1866Kensington, London, England I24581
19 Campbell, Florence Beatrice  6 Jun 1914Kensington, London, England I25676
20 Charrington, Ernest Charles  18 Aug 1928Kensington, London, England I1514
21 Colville, John Willoughby  Sep 1981Kensington, London, England I24591
22 Cooper, Dorothy  13 Mar 1961Kensington, London, England I12221
23 Crauford, Constance Mary  Dec 1918Kensington, London, England I8006
24 Creyke, Everilda Frances  9 Jan 1977Kensington, London, England I2929
25 Creyke, Katherine Harriet  7 Jan 1938Kensington, London, England I1049
26 Cunliffe, Caroline  Jul 1897Kensington, London, England I5093
27 Donnithorne, Sophia Elizabeth  19 Jan 1813Kensington, London, England I8666
28 Duckworth, Stella  19 Jul 1897Kensington, London, England I23592
29 Fielding, Henry Johnes  25 Nov 1921Kensington, London, England I334
30 Finlayson, Nina Ethel Lina  7 Nov 1958Kensington, London, England I21936
31 Fitzroy Templer, Adelaide (Ada)  9 Dec 1902Kensington, London, England I18723
32 Foster, Sybilla Caroline  5 Oct 1949Kensington, London, England I24971
33 Grant, Trevor John Chichele  Dec 1924Kensington, London, England I26719
34 Grey, Lillian Muriel  22 Sep 1956Kensington, London, England I25965
35 Handcock, Marion Dorothy  7 Apr 1967Kensington, London, England I5101
36 Latham, Margaret Edith  10 Oct 1943Kensington, London, England I24700
37 Lawrence, Catherine Letitia  22 Apr 1931Kensington, London, England I26308
38 Lawrence, Edith Hamilton  24 Feb 1861Kensington, London, England I26311
39 Lawrence, Richard Charles Bernard  22 May 1923Kensington, London, England I26389
40 Little, Mary Ann  15 Mar 1924Kensington, London, England I21307
41 Lyon, Emmeline Lydia  Mar 1951Kensington, London, England I7506
42 Montefiore, Horatio Joseph  11 Aug 1867Kensington, London, England I22119
43 Morley, Cyril Charles  7 Sep 1972Kensington, London, England I20593
44 Nevill, William Beauchamp  12 May 1939Kensington, London, England I4118
45 Norman-Butler, Arthur Francis  30 Oct 1970Kensington, London, England I24483
46 Ogilvy-Grant, James 9th Earl of Seafield  5 Jun 1888Kensington, London, England I22619
47 Overton, Sir Arnold Edersheim KCMG  10 Sep 1975Kensington, London, England I25491
48 Parr, Louisa Harriet  25 Dec 1935Kensington, London, England I14886
49 Pease, Herbert Pike  10 May 1949Kensington, London, England I9708
50 Pemberton, Alice Evelyn McLeod  7 Dec 1923Kensington, London, England I19441

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Archer, Olive Eleanor  1882Kensington, London, England I2136


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Kelsall, Isabella Helen  Dec 1920Kensington, London, England I1190
2 Lawrence, Marcia Eliza  8 Mar 1883Kensington, London, England I26327


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Little, Mary Ann  17 May 1924Kensington, London, England I21307


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Archer, Baliol Fairfax Best  1881Kensington, London, England I20603
2 Archer, Baliol Fairfax Best  1891Kensington, London, England I20603
3 Archer, Baliol Fairfax Best  1891Kensington, London, England I20603
4 Archer, Henry Fairfax Best  1881Kensington, London, England I20602
5 Archer, James Douglas Stoddart Douglas Major  1881Kensington, London, England I20604
6 Archer, James Douglas Stoddart Douglas Major  1891Kensington, London, England I20604
7 Archer, James Douglas Stoddart Douglas Major  1891Kensington, London, England I20604
8 Archer, Margaret Marianne Georgiana  1881Kensington, London, England I20605
9 Archer, Margaret Marianne Georgiana  1891Kensington, London, England I20605
10 Archer, Margaret Marianne Georgiana  1891Kensington, London, England I20605
11 Archer, William Henry  1881Kensington, London, England I20645
12 Archer, William Henry  1891Kensington, London, England I20645
13 Bernard, Arthur Colin  1891Kensington, London, England I21468
14 Bernard, Christian Constance  1891Kensington, London, England I21449
15 Bernard, Dorothy May  1891Kensington, London, England I21467
16 Bernard, Sir Charles Edward KCSI  1891Kensington, London, England I21465
17 Best, Frances  1881Kensington, London, England I20646
18 Buchanan, Mildred Clare  1881Kensington, London, England I20865
19 Collingwood, Frederick James  1901Kensington, London, England I19721
20 Collingwood, Jenny A.  1901Kensington, London, England I19691
21 Dana, Arabella Sophia  1881Kensington, London, England I19617
22 Dyson, Robert Charles  1911Kensington, London, England I12984
23 Fielding, Arthur Gregory  2 Apr 1911Kensington, London, England I309
24 Fielding, George Rudolph  1911Kensington, London, England I336
25 Gibbons, (Johanna) Julia Georgina  2 Apr 1911Kensington, London, England I52
26 Hiron, Katherine Ann  1881Kensington, London, England I21629
27 Jackson, Florence Jane Archer  1901Kensington, London, England I21275
28 Jenkins, Evelyn Frances M  1901Kensington, London, England I9701
29 Jones, Jane  1901Kensington, London, England I19722
30 Kelsall, Catherine Agnes  1901Kensington, London, England I1186
31 Little, Arthur C.  1881Kensington, London, England I21980
32 Little, Frederick Campden  1881Kensington, London, England I21960
33 Little, Helen C.C.  1881Kensington, London, England I21979
34 O'Moore-Farrell, Joseph Keith  1939Kensington, London, England I20476
35 Pemberton, Alice Evelyn McLeod  1911Kensington, London, England I19441
36 Pemberton, Annie Gertrude  1911Kensington, London, England I19439
37 Pemberton, Catherine  1911Kensington, London, England I19440
38 Pemberton, Robert Charles Boileau CB CSI RE Maj-Gen  1911Kensington, London, England I18806
39 Pleydell, Elizabeth  1881Kensington, London, England I17952
40 Reynolds, Caroline Mary Ann  1891Kensington, London, England I4868
41 Reynolds, Caroline Mary Ann  1901Kensington, London, England I4868
42 Reynolds, Caroline Mary Ann  1911Kensington, London, England I4868
43 Salomon, Henrietta Katherine  1881Kensington, London, England I21760
44 Salomon, Peter  1881Kensington, London, England I21759
45 Scroggie, Millicent Sylvia Katherine  1911Kensington, London, England I12983
46 Settle, Lillian Mary  1901Kensington, London, England I3782
47 Simson, Charles Witt  1901Kensington, London, England I12590
48 Simson, Helen Agnes  1901Kensington, London, England I12591
49 Smythe, Francis Cooper Dumville  1881Kensington, London, England I19616
50 Smythe, Francis Cooper Dumville  1901Kensington, London, England I19616

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   Apr 1875Kensington, London, England F4039
2 /   1 Oct 1878Kensington, London, England F14831
3 /   15 Apr 1907Kensington, London, England F14918
4 Buchanan / MacHutchin  1 Oct 1878Kensington, London, England F14838
5 Buchanan / Pott  Oct 1941Kensington, London, England F16303
6 Campbell / Alexander  8 May 1879Kensington, London, England F5656
7 Charrington / Herring  1875Kensington, London, England F497
8 Clinton-Baddeley / Bourdin  25 Jun 1896Kensington, London, England F2800
9 Fielding / Hallen Or Spencer Chapman  29 Sep 1877Kensington, London, England F137
10 Fielding / Sedgley  6 Aug 1774Kensington, London, England F76
11 Hatch / Osborne  12 Oct 1900Kensington, London, England F5542
12 Jackson / Lord  15 Apr 1907Kensington, London, England F14997
13 Lambart / Arnold  11 Aug 1814Kensington, London, England F1758
14 Mount M.P. / Low  9 Nov 1899Kensington, London, England F1844
15 Nevill / Nevill  18 Oct 1928Kensington, London, England F1288
16 Rice / Ritchie  30 Oct 1936Kensington, London, England F6572
17 Richards / Butler  29 Jul 1897Kensington, London, England F17807
18 Ritchie KCB ISO / Thackeray  2 Aug 1877Kensington, London, England F17919
19 Stephen / Thackeray  19 Jun 1867Kensington, London, England F17264
20 Stock / Herring  1867Kensington, London, England F3002
21 Temple / Williams  25 Mar 1912Kensington, London, England F18262
22 Ward / Campbell  25 Sep 1913Kensington, London, England F18207