Swetenham Family History

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London, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Archer, Catherine Frances Shelley  Apr 1889London, Middlesex, England I20624
2 Archer, Francis  1588London, Middlesex, England I11500
3 Archer, Henry Allan Fairfax Best  Jul 1887London, Middlesex, England I20623
4 Argles, Ann Sumpter  26 Oct 1792London, Middlesex, England I13776
5 Arundell, Edith Mary Dottina  11 Apr 1840London, Middlesex, England I10098
6 Barnes, Laura Eliza  28 Jul 1823London, Middlesex, England I26086
7 Barnes, Laura Eliza  28 Jul 1823London, Middlesex, England I26228
8 Bayning, Paul 2nd Viscount of Sudbury  4 Mar 1616London, Middlesex, England I27945
9 Beresford-Peirse, Sir Henry Bernard de la Poer DSO 4th Bt.  9 Jan 1875London, Middlesex, England I22089
10 Booth, George Macaulay  22 Sep 1877London, Middlesex, England I24853
11 Bouverie, William des Ist Bart  26 Sep 1656London, Middlesex, England I20571
12 Brietzcke, Caroline  1746London, Middlesex, England I5613
13 Brodie, Alexander William  25 Feb 1857London, Middlesex, England I15264
14 Brodie, John Clark  20 May 1811London, Middlesex, England I15238
15 Bromley, Ida Mary  Abt 1856London, Middlesex, England I22669
16 Butler, Ellen Frances  27 Oct 1875London, Middlesex, England I24677
17 Butler, Francis Henry  2 Mar 1849London, Middlesex, England I24688
18 Cadogan, Henry Charles 4th Earl Cadogan  15 Feb 1812London, Middlesex, England I19574
19 Campbell, Eric Hinton  161 Dec 1890London, Middlesex, England I22690
20 Chaplin, Alfred  9 Feb 1827London, Middlesex, England I8579
21 Chaplin, Ernest  5 Jul 1831London, Middlesex, England I8573
22 Chaplin, Marianne  5 Jan 1819London, Middlesex, England I8574
23 Comberbach, James  Mar 1633London, Middlesex, England I510
24 Cooper, Stephanie Agnes  5 Sep 1883London, Middlesex, England I23946
25 Currie, Augustus Arthur  25 Jan 1831London, Middlesex, England I10524
26 Currie, Elizabeth Isabella (Bella)  Abt 1833London, Middlesex, England I10522
27 Currie, Ethel Mildred  Abt 1873London, Middlesex, England I15509
28 Currie, Florence  Abt 1863London, Middlesex, England I15491
29 Dashwood (Lord Mayor Of London), Sir Samuel  1642London, Middlesex, England I18937
30 Davies, Elizabeth Lydia  Abt 1819London, Middlesex, England I9541
31 Davis, Helen Marian  21 Jan 1830London, Middlesex, England I26117
32 Doyle, Juliana Elizabeth  1824London, Middlesex, England I5936
33 Doyle, Martha  Abt 1830London, Middlesex, England I5940
34 Doyle, Matthias A.  Abt 1828London, Middlesex, England I5939
35 Doyle, Theadon  Abt 1832London, Middlesex, England I5941
36 Doyle, William  Abt 1794London, Middlesex, England I5937
37 Doyle, William  19 Aug 1825London, Middlesex, England I5938
38 Fell, Georgiana J. A.  Abt 1855London, Middlesex, England I3593
39 Fell, John A. C.  Abt 1862London, Middlesex, England I3594
40 Fell, Mary G. M.  Abt 1865London, Middlesex, England I3595
41 Floyd, Robert Peel Capt  24 Mar 1828London, Middlesex, England I14410
42 Ford, Elizabeth  27 Dec 1781London, Middlesex, England I3112
43 Franklin, Katharina Elizabeth  1853London, Middlesex, England I15685
44 Gladstone, Agnes  18 Oct 1842London, Middlesex, England I19859
45 Gladstone, Henry Neville 1st. Baron Gladstone of Hawarden  2 Apr 1852London, Middlesex, England I19856
46 Hamilton, Maud Evelyn  17 Dec 1850London, Middlesex, England I4317
47 Hamilton, Ronald Douglas  1849London, Middlesex, England I4321
48 Hart, Robert H  1869London, Middlesex, England I22539
49 Herring, Charles  1 May 1800London, Middlesex, England I1590
50 Herring, Charles Eustace  18 Jan 1867London, Middlesex, England I1468

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Argles, Anne Camper  1851London, Middlesex, England I13743
2 Argles, Charles  Jul 1842London, Middlesex, England I13777
3 Ayres, Elizabeth  1868London, Middlesex, England I15783
4 Beale, Katherine Ann Sibella  25 Jan 1907London, Middlesex, England I17375
5 Boileau, Lestock Holme Drummond  Apr 1858London, Middlesex, England I18020
6 Booth, Mary Lady  10 Dec 1772London, Middlesex, England I16090
7 Boughton, Elizabeth  Sep 1823London, Middlesex, England I18931
8 Caine, John  London, Middlesex, England I10398
9 Campbell, Frederick Archibald Vaughan 3rd Earl Cawdor  8 Feb 1911London, Middlesex, England I22103
10 Carr, Charles  Jan 1815London, Middlesex, England I25978
11 Chamier, John  23 Feb 1831London, Middlesex, England I27537
12 Cooper, William  17 Sep 1877London, Middlesex, England I23923
13 Croft, Frances Charlotte  7 Jan 1816London, Middlesex, England I9146
14 Edmonstone, Sir Archibald MP 1st. Bt.  20 Jul 1807London, Middlesex, England I20326
15 Fleetwood, Thomas Master of the Royal Mint  1 Nov 1570London, Middlesex, England I7591
16 Gill, Ruth Sylvia Baroness Fermoy  6 Jul 1993London, Middlesex, England I4444
17 Gladstone, Agnes  9 May 1931London, Middlesex, England I19859
18 Harbord, John  Sep 1900London, Middlesex, England I19379
19 Herring, Charles  9 Oct 1850London, Middlesex, England I1590
20 Herring, Elizabeth Sarah  25 Sep 1840London, Middlesex, England I1479
21 Howell, Editha Helen  Apr 1883London, Middlesex, England I6011
22 Lowther, Hugh  1666London, Middlesex, England I2403
23 Maxey, Joseph  14 Apr 1663London, Middlesex, England I15444
24 Murray, William 2nd Earl of Tullibardine  28 Jan 1627London, Middlesex, England I18633
25 Norton, Roger  Abt 1662London, Middlesex, England I24287
26 Osborne, Sir Edward  4 Feb 1592London, Middlesex, England I7602
27 Parr, Thomas Roworth  18 Apr 1906London, Middlesex, England I14853
28 Parsons, James  Aug 1789London, Middlesex, England I27799
29 Paston, John MP  26 May 1466London, Middlesex, England I4408
30 Pedley, Anne  16 Feb 1750London, Middlesex, England I20561
31 Queen of Great Britain, Anne  1 Aug 1714London, Middlesex, England I19965
32 Reid, Edward Jervis  25 Feb 1917London, Middlesex, England I28108
33 Richardson, George Swetenham  2 Sep 1862London, Middlesex, England I1179
34 Rose, Fulke Dr  16 Mar 1694London, Middlesex, England I19358
35 Shirley, Evelyn  1 May 1810London, Middlesex, England I19285
36 Spencer-Churchill, Charles Ashley  11 Mar 1858London, Middlesex, England I6584
37 Spiers, Elizabeth  12 Jun 1869London, Middlesex, England I16925
38 Sumpter, Timothy  Apr 1766London, Middlesex, England I13738
39 Thomson, James  Between 1836 and 1841London, Middlesex, England I21285
40 Thomson, James  Between 1836 and 1841London, Middlesex, England I21093
41 Thwaites Tate, Lord Mayor of London Robert  1488London, Middlesex, England I2732
42 Vans Agnew, Patrick  17 May 1842London, Middlesex, England I14232
43 Villiers, William Lord Pembroke  12 Jun 1629London, Middlesex, England I1984
44 Wandesford, Sir Christopher 1st Bt.  23 Feb 1686London, Middlesex, England I2269
45 Warde, Jane  Sep 1678London, Middlesex, England I2716
46 Wilson, Mary  20 Sep 1673London, Middlesex, England I15338


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Best, Frances  Abt 1831London, Middlesex, England I20646
2 Chaplin, Sarah  Abt 1819London, Middlesex, England I15686
3 Herring, Anthony Charles  20 Sep 1816London, Middlesex, England I1478
4 Herring, Charles  1 May 1800London, Middlesex, England I1590
5 Spencer, Frederick Thomas 4th Earl Spencer  27 Dec 1758London, Middlesex, England I6392


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Herring, Charles  9 Oct 1850London, Middlesex, England I1590


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Colvin / Hewitt (nee Mitford)  8 Feb 1876London, Middlesex, England F19790
2 Dashwood / Sleigh  1638London, Middlesex, England F6863
3 FitzMaurice / Long  2 Feb 1657London, Middlesex, England F18038
4 Somerset, / Noel  26 Feb 1706London, Middlesex, England F6897
5 Spencer-Churchill / Peers-Williams, Countess Of Aylesford  Relationship 1875-1884London, Middlesex, England F1615
6 Stanley / de Vere  26 Jun 1594London, Middlesex, England F6764
7 Walpole / Shorter  30 Jul 1700London, Middlesex, England F4614