Swetenham Family History

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Marylebone, London, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Archer, Phyllis  4 Feb 1889Marylebone, London, England I4967
2 Barrett, Beatrice Lucy  Jan 1900Marylebone, London, England I25308
3 Beaufort, Emily Anne Viscountess Strangford  26 Jan 1826Marylebone, London, England I26511
4 Bennet, Mary Elizabeth  24 Mar 1783Marylebone, London, England I22160
5 Brown, Henrietta Edith  15 Dec 1858Marylebone, London, England I27164
6 Brown, Minnie Helen  23 Jan 1855Marylebone, London, England I27163
7 Butler, Richard Clive  12 Jan 1929Marylebone, London, England I24475
8 Cooper, Beatrice Kathleen  28 Jul 1886Marylebone, London, England I5113
9 Daniell, Mary Ann Charlotte  10 Jun 1813Marylebone, London, England I5491
10 Dashwood, Charlotte Still  23 Jun 1828Marylebone, London, England I6290
11 Davis, Alicia  10 Feb 1812Marylebone, London, England I26123
12 Faber, Thomas Erle  25 Apr 1927Marylebone, London, England I24843
13 Foster, Peter Frederick Evelyn  Dec 1920Marylebone, London, England I15031
14 Hanks, Herbert  Abt 1852Marylebone, London, England I25356
15 Harding, Edith Mary  1857Marylebone, London, England I1564
16 Havart, Edith Anne  Jan 1872Marylebone, London, England I13902
17 Havart, Henry  1845Marylebone, London, England I13896
18 Kindersley, Tessa  31 Jan 1932Marylebone, London, England I22679
19 Lang, Maria Edith Jane  21 Dec 1798Marylebone, London, England I17963
20 Lang, William  1818Marylebone, London, England I17980
21 Lennox, Catherine Cecilia  13 Apr 1835Marylebone, London, England I4345
22 Lyttelton, Hon. Hester Margaret  26 Dec 1874Marylebone, London, England I19882
23 Morley-Fletcher, Edward  23 Dec 1903Marylebone, London, England I24740
24 Pakenham, Francis Augier 7th Earl of Longford  5 Dec 1905Marylebone, London, England I6208
25 Pakenham, Margaret Pansy Felicia Lady  18 May 1904Marylebone, London, England I6207
26 Pakenham, Mary Katharine Lady  23 Aug 1907Marylebone, London, England I6209
27 Parker, Ethelinda Katharine  Abt 1899Marylebone, London, England I6168
28 Philipps, Colwyn Erasmus Arnold Capt the Hon  11 Dec 1888Marylebone, London, England I3316
29 Quain, Beatrice  1857Marylebone, London, England I12309
30 Rivett-Carnac, Arthur Boileau  22 Oct 1843Marylebone, London, England I25780
31 Rivett-Carnac, Edward Stirling Col  13 Sep 1840Marylebone, London, England I25778
32 Rivett-Carnac, Henrietta  24 Oct 1831Marylebone, London, England I25775
33 Rivett-Carnac, John Henry  16 Sep 1838Marylebone, London, England I25772
34 Shadforth, Eric John Montague  Jan 1891Marylebone, London, England I16486
35 Taylor, St. John Hyde du Plat  22 Jan 1865Marylebone, London, England I4912
36 Trevor, Catharine Blanche Adelaide  Abt 1852Marylebone, London, England I26935
37 Villar, April Sally  Jun 1937Marylebone, London, England I25722
38 Walker, John Cecil Fleetwood Lt.  17 Jan 1929Marylebone, London, England I17002
39 Wardell, Edward Villiers Morgan  6 Apr 1922Marylebone, London, England I25165


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Binny, Harriet  11 Apr 1864Marylebone, London, England I26988
2 Buchanan, Percy Maxey  11 Sep 1916Marylebone, London, England I20859
3 Campbell, George Granville  22 Apr 1915Marylebone, London, England I15281
4 Campbell, Joan  18 Jul 1960Marylebone, London, England I15283
5 Currie, John Gumbleton  18 Jul 1940Marylebone, London, England I10548
6 Harley, Anne Baroness Rodney of Rodney Stoke  14 Apr 1840Marylebone, London, England I12683
7 Hay, Lady Agnes Georgina Elizabeth  18 Dec 1869Marylebone, London, England I23926
8 Howarth, James Edward  10 Dec 1922Marylebone, London, England I13001
9 Knight, Emily Mabel  1956Marylebone, London, England I24990
10 Lankester, Nina  Jun 1923Marylebone, London, England I13429
11 Lankester, Phoebe  Jun 1924Marylebone, London, England I13445
12 Lascelles, Maria Elizabeth  Jul 1920Marylebone, London, England I10401
13 Montefiore, Charlotte Rosalind  28 Jun 1933Marylebone, London, England I22148
14 Osborne, Constance Blanche Godolphin  18 Jul 1939Marylebone, London, England I15030
15 Parker, Christopher William  10 Oct 1929Marylebone, London, England I6269
16 Pepys, Mark Everard 6th Earl of Cottenham  19 Jul 1943Marylebone, London, England I1761
17 Philips, Herbert Nathaniel  Dec 1950Marylebone, London, England I22140
18 Pierrepont, Frances  4 Mar 1761Marylebone, London, England I4362
19 Plunket, Marcia L  1936Marylebone, London, England I22667
20 Pratt, Jermyn Harold  6 Feb 1935Marylebone, London, England I25030
21 Pratt, Mary Ann Eliza  Oct 1895Marylebone, London, England I15391
22 Reynolds, Lawrence  9 Nov 1839Marylebone, London, England I16296
23 Rose, Basil Lascelles  5 Nov 1953Marylebone, London, England I5105
24 Rouse-Boughton, Sir Charles William 9th Bt.  26 Feb 1821Marylebone, London, England I18929
25 Southwell, Frances Mary Winifred Hon  7 Mar 1950Marylebone, London, England I15487
26 Stourton, Herbert Marmaduke Joseph OBE  8 Oct 1941Marylebone, London, England I15486
27 Taboschinsky, Betsy Rachel  5 Jul 1925Marylebone, London, England I2966
28 Trevor, Andrew  Jul 1854Marylebone, London, England I26987
29 Trevor, Arthur Prescott CSI Lt-Col  4 Apr 1930Marylebone, London, England I25757
30 Trollope, Hugh Charles Napier DSO  16 Apr 1953Marylebone, London, England I6532
31 Vavasour, Rudolph Dunstan  16 Jan 1917Marylebone, London, England I1508


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Fisher, Henrietta  30 Dec 1837Marylebone, London, England I25792
2 Rivett-Carnac, John Edward Admiral  1 Jan 1869Marylebone, London, England I25773


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alington / Lyttelton  5 Apr 1904Marylebone, London, England F7294
2 McIver / Montefiore  11 Sep 1884Marylebone, London, England F15280
3 Rivett-Carnac / Davis  15 Mar 1826Marylebone, London, England F18240